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ASP 2500W Solar Mono PV 1/2 pallet$3,500.00 (NZD) Excl. GST (300.00 kg per unit)How many do you want?
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Our 250W ASP solar panels are high efficiency, MonoCrystalline, top grade panels with a sturdy 50mm thick aluminium frame suitable for all environments. They come with a 30 year warranty for 80% power output and 12 year full mechanical product warranty and 90% performance.

Our PV cells are a great price when you buy by the 1/2 pallet load of 2500W,  we ship depot to depot only to main centres.

The panels are fully approved for use in NZ, IEC certification emailed on purchase. The panels can be used in all the main applications:

• Charge 24/48vdc battery banks directly with PWM regulation

• Use with MPPT regulators < 120 vdc (ELV) and 3 panels per string to charge batteries at 12/24/36/48/60/72 vdc

• Connect to grid via 400-600 vdc grid connect inverters (up to 13 panels per string)


Specifications Max Power Pm (W) 250 + 5%

Max Power Voltage Vm 30.4

Max Power Current (A) 8.24

Open-Circuit Voltage (V) 37.9

Short Circuit Current (A) 8.65

Module Efficiency (%) 16

Maximum System Voltage 1000 (TUV) 600 (UL)

Power Tolerance +5%/-0%

Guarantee 12 years product, 12 year to 90%, 30 year to 80%

Size 1000 wide x 1652 high x 50mm thick

Weight 24kg – very heavy duty

Boxed Weight (20 panels) 500 kg

CE Certified Registration PV50237146, Report 15046587.002

IEC 61730 approved