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CNPV 3750W Solar PV 1/2 pallet - 15 panels$4,250.00 (NZD) Excl. GST (300.00 kg per unit)How many do you want?
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Pallet of 15 x 250W panels = 3750W (Freight is extra)

The CNPV 250W is a premium quality PV module with a number of distinguishing features listed below. PV is getting cheaper, but not all photovoltaic modules are built the same, and we believe that you get what you pay for. The 250W CNPV module comes with 10-year Workmanship Warranty and a 25-year True Linear Warranty on performance unwritten by major European insurance companies. The advantages of CNPV are crystal clear:

Triple Busbar design cells for Increased Harvesting
100% Electro Luminescence scanning for defect free modules
Excellent fill factor – more power in the same area of module
Stronger end-joint construction for super durability 
High-Ductility Interconnects specially designed for lower stress from thermal expansion and contraction for better long-term performance
Stronger Mechanical Strength – 8000pa vs. the Industry standard of 2400-5400pa

250W Poly-crystalline PV Module
Dimensions: 1650mm x 992mm x 35mm 

Weight: 20.0kg 

Voc: 37.6 V 

Vmp: 31.2 V 

Isc: 8.55 A 

Imp: 8.0 A 

NOTE: Shipping on these large modules in expensive in single units.

We have stock in New Plymouth and Auckland

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CNPV True Linear Warranty:

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